Mediation, counselling and dispute resolution

Sometimes, a dispute is not as complicated as we think, but our emotions get the better of us. Antwan Family Lawyers Sydney are very proactive with dispute resolution by allowing each party to access counselling and mediation.

Mediation is often a good way for each party to convey to the other what they want to achieve. Mediation involved having a third party present to control the discussion. Having a third party present who does not make any judgment is a useful tool for the parties to navigate through their emotions to get to the point and deal with the dispute in a constructive and a healthy manner.

Of course mediation can also be cost effective and quick way of dealing with a dispute, than through court proceedings.

Mediation does require the cooperation of both parties and it may still involve some costs. It is important that the parties agree on the mediator whose services they want to provide to ensure that they are both comfortable with them and that they agree to share the fees.

However, mediation is usually not recommended in circumstances where there is family violence or abuse.  When counselling and/or mediation leads to resolution, then the agreement should be registered with the Family Court as consent orders, Binding Financial Agreement or a Termination Agreement, whichever is applicable.

If you require assistance in mediating or resolving a matter, rest assured that Antwan Family Lawyers will explore all available opportunities before resorting to litigation.

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