De-Facto Relationships
The law has recently changed for all de-facto couples (including same sex couples). The change came into effect in March 2009 and now, all de-facto couples are treated exactly the same a married couple when it comes to property and financial matters.
What is a de-facto relationship?
The term ‘de facto’ is defined in Section 4AA of the Family Law Act. The law applies to both opposite and same sex relationships, and the relationship is defined as a relationship between two adults who:
  • are not legally married;
  • are not related by family;
  • live together;
  • had a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis
What are my rights now for property matters?
The law in NSW now provides that any person, who is leaving a de-facto relationship, can pursue a property settlement in the same way that a married couple can, relying on the same law and using the same court systems. Click here for more information about property matters.
What we can do for you
Antwan Family Lawyers Sydney can advise you on your rights concerning property matters if your de-facto relationship has broken down. Our senior expert family lawyers understand the law and how to apply it to your matter. Once an agreement is reached, we can assist you in drafting and entering into a binding financial agreement or even consent orders that can be filed in court.
What if I am about to enter into a de-facto relationship?
If you are about to enter into a new de-facto relationship and want to protect your assets, Antwan Lawyers can assist you in preparing an agreement, similar to a pre-nuptial agreement. These are called binding financial agreements and can offer you the peace of mind in the event that your de-facto relationship is not successful. Click here for further information about Binding Financial Agreements