Children Matters
Children Matters in Family Law
Family Law can be quite complicated and particularly stressful for all parties involved. This is especially true when it comes to the most important matters to our heart, our children.
The Family Law Act states that the rights and well being of a child of a marriage or a relationship is paramount. The Family Law Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Courts all take the well-being of children very seriously, by always putting the child or the children first.
Where does the law stand now?
A major change in the law was the introduction of the Family Law Amendment (Shared Responsibility) Act 2006.  The Act established 65Family Relationship Centers for the benefit of families in dispute.  As a result of the amendments, the Court now requires families to attempt to resolve their conflict before their application is heard in the Court, in hope that Court proceedings will be avoided.
Further, the Act has changed the way the Courts deal with issues with respect to children.  That is, the Courts will initially begin with a requirement that both parents have equal roles in deciding major issues with respect to their children.  However, the Act does not state how parents are to exercise this right. In the absence of an agreement between the parents, this can be overcome by creating a Parenting Plan or Parenting Order.
More importantly, the Court will consider initially whether it is appropriate that the children spend equal time with both parents.  Various factors come into play that the judges consider as their ultimate goal is what they believe is in the best interests of the child.
The law provides that parental responsibility ends once the child turns 18 years old or the child is adopted.
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What are my rights?
You have a right to have a relationship with your children. The children also have the right to a relationship with both parents. The days of one parent being favoured over another are over. It is now widely recognised that both parents have an important role to play in the children’s lives.
Each matter is unique, and there is no formula when it comes to children and parenting matters. The amount of time that you spend/live with the children will be determined by many different factors imposed by law.
What we can do for you.
Antwan Family Lawyers Sydney understands all the different types of disputes that can arise involving children.  We also understand the Court processes and the law.  We can assist you in identifying the real issues of your dispute and actively attempt to settle the dispute to avoid unnecessary Court appearances and to reduce your costs.
We will provide clear advice and invite your questions so that you too can better understand your matter.
Ultimately, we understand that children are fragile.  Therefore, resolving disputes early is more beneficial for your children and consequently is better for you.
No matter how small or big or your differences are, at Antwan Lawyers, we will aim to provide you with sound advice that will ensure you reach a resolution that is a best possible fir for you and your children, whilst ensuring that you will continue to be a part of your child’s or children’s lives.
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